Weather India Mumbai satellite climate forecast temperature image report news map source bbc msn ~ Trend in India

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weather India Mumbai satellite climate forecast temperature image report news map source bbc msn

Weather India:
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India is a country that occupies the greater part of South Asia. It is a constitutional republic consisting of 28 states, each with a substantial degree of control over its own affairs; with roughly one-sixth of the world’s total population.
India is the second most populous country, after China.
Weather in India:   Analyzed that the climate of India resolves into six major climatic subtypes. Their influences give rise to desert in the west, alpine tundra and glaciers in the north, humid tropical regions supporting rain forests in the southwest, and Indian Ocean island territories that flank the Indian subcontinent.
Regions have starkly different; yet tightly clustered & micro climates. The nation is largely subject to four seasons:
Ø  Winter (January and February)
Ø  Summer (March to May)
Ø  Monsoon (rainy) season (June to September)
Ø  Post-monsoon period (October to December)
Weather India Mumbai satellite climate forecast temperature image report news map source bbc msn
Weather in India
India's geography is climatically pivotal. The Thar Desert in the northwest and the Himalayas in the north work in tandem to effect a culturally and economically break all monsoonal regime. As Earth's highest and most massive mountain range, the Himalayan system bars the influx of frigid katabatic winds from the icy Tibetan Plateau and northerly Central Asia.
Most of North India is thus kept warm or is only mildly chilly or cold during winter; the same thermal dam keeps most regions in India hot in summer. Though the Tropic of Cancer; the boundary between the tropics and subtropics; that passes through the middle of India, the bulk of the country can be regarded as climatically tropical.
As in much of the tropics, monsoonal and other weather patterns in India can be wildly unstable; epochal droughts, floods, cyclones, and other natural disasters are sporadic, but have displaced or ended millions of human lives. There is widespread scientific consensus that South Asia is likely to see such climatic events, along with their aerator unpredictability, to change in frequency and is likely to increase in severity. Ongoing and future vegetative changes and current sea level rises and the attendant inundation of India's low-lying coastal areas are other impacts, current or predicted that are attributable to global warming.
Weather India Mumbai forecast temperature image report news map source bbc msn
weather India average temperature

Extreme Temperatures recorded in India:-
Extreme Low: 
 Extreme Lowest Temperature recorded in India was -45 oC in Dras, Ladakh 
                                                         (in eastern part of JAMMU & KASHMIR).
Extreme High: 
  The Highest Temperature recorded in India was 50.6 oC ia wain Alwar in Rajasthan in 1955.
   55 oC in Orissa during in a recent year 2005.

Rain in India:-
The average annual precipitation of 11,871 millimetres (467 in) in the village Mawsynram in the hill area of
North eastern state of Meghalaya is the highest recorded in Asia.
India's highest recorded one-day rainfall total occurred on 26 July 2005, when Mumbai received more than 650 mm (26 in); the massive flooding that resulted killed over 900 people. 
Weather India Mumbai satellite climate forecast temperature image report source bbc msn
Weather India Climate Zone

News on Weather according to JULY-3-2012:
  Ø  Sharad Pawar said heavy rains were predicted in the key planting months of July  
           and  August to make up for deficient monsoon rains received over the last month. 
Ø  "Overall delay of monsoon is by two weeks," Pawar told reporters in New Delhi. "Up to July 2, the country as a whole has deficiency of 31 percent, but rainfall is expected to be better from next week on wards."
Ø  "We have ample opportunity to cover up gaps," he added.
Ø  Monsoon floods in the northeast have killed scores of people and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, but rainfall has been weak in the northwestern grain-bowl and the oil seed-growing central regions.
Ø  Pawar admitted the poor rainfall in some states had affected the sowing of crops like maize, though he said the rice situation was "not worrisome". 
Ø  "There is no problem of availability of food grain. Government is ready to supply if the time comes," he said.
Ø  The monsoon is dubbed the "economic lifeline" of India, which has a population of 1.2 billion and is one of the world's leading producers of rice, sugar, wheat and cotton.
Ø  Millions of Indian farmers still rely on monsoon rains to water around 60 percent of the country's farmland - despite efforts to improve irrigation and water-harvesting methods to ensure more stable supplies.
Ø  Government agencies last month said they would maintain their forecast for an average monsoon.
Ø  But doubts about forecasting remain after the official meteorological department predicted a normal monsoon in 2009 and the country suffered its worst drought in decades. 
Ø  The lack of rainfall sent food prices rocketing, causing huge hardship for the country's hundreds of millions of poor.
Ø  Rural spending accounts for more than 50 percent of domestic consumption and a poor monsoon hits demand for everything from refrigerators to cars.
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